Seeing as it’s the weekend, it is very likely that some of us have already ordered or will order some takeout food. The good news is that you can still stick to your diet, and even contribute to your ongoing weight loss by ordering out. I came across this article originally featured on Men’s Fitness: Healthy Chinese Food: Our cheat sheet for navigating everyone’s favorite form of takeout. It has great tips for making healthy takeout Chinese food choices.

In a nutshell, it offers the following diet tips for ordering from your favorite Chinese food takeout menu:

  • Ask for “steamed” versions of your favorite dishes; request the sauce on the side, and use it sparingly
  • Use chopsticks – the benefits of this ar twofold, you can pick up less fat this way, but, you also are forced to take your time with eating, especially if you aren’t that good at chopsticks. (Hint: you can use chopsticks everyday as a tool to slow down and enjoy your food)
  • Pass up the thick gravy-like sauces and ask for the dish cooked in broth, you can pump up the spice with low calorie mustard or some sriracha.
  • If you are going to order rice, the best bet nutritionally is brown rice, but, steamed white rice is still a better option than fried, so follow what your palate tells you

Ordering takeout can still be fun, it just requires a little creativity. I have found that most places are willing to work with you on your diet restrictions, and some even have special diet portions of their menus. So go forth and enjoy!