Check out this article from ABC News on some unique fruits and vegetables.

Tomatillos made the list, I’m a big fan of those. They also mention white asparagus, which I have used once and did not like the taste of at all. Star fruits are a blast from the past for me, I haven’t had one in years, but, maybe I will give them another try.

I will add what I think is a very unique fruit to the list, the calamondin.

The very fragrant calamondin flower and its fruit

The very fragrant calamondin flower and its fruit

This fruit is a very small citrus, looks like a baby lime and then it turns a yellow-orange color. I bought a calamondin tree at a fourth of july sale last year because it had the most delicious smelling flowers (think gardenia crossed with a jasmine and honeysuckle). Tiny little fruits grew from the flowers and made a tart little orange. Though I haven’t tried it yet, they are supposed to be very good for making orange marmalade.

Let me know if you have ever tried any of these unique fruits and vegetables or know some that didn’t make the list.

(Warning: As you go through the ABC article there is a “persistent” Jetblue commercial that reloads on every page)