As I am reading Mark Bittman’s Food Matters, I am considering going back to my old vegetarian ways. He suggests that cutting out meat (okay, also dairy, over processed carbohydrates and processed food) at least one day a week would reduce our impact on the environment, not to mention our waistlines and our risk for certain diseases. Of course, I am well aware of these issues, but, I do get sucked in

to thinking that I have to always offer an animal protein to the family for dinner (not to mention breakfast and lunch).

It actually takes a lot of creativity to come up with a dish that will feature two or more vegetable proteins (i.e. rice and beans), such that you don’t have to worry about getting adequate amounts of protein, iron, B12, etc.

But, in a fortuitous turn of events, I came across this website:  Meatless Monday: Recipes, Health and Nutrition News, which offers up LOTS of possibilities for putting your inner vegetarianista into action. I haven’t tried any of the recipes yet, but, as I am a big fan of garbanzo beans and my children seem to eat anything if it’s in the shape of a burger, I am definitely going to try the Garbanzo Bean Burgers.

As I write this, I realize we did have a meatless meal just last night. We did a vegetarian, low fat nachos dish. We used baked blue corn tortilla chips, low fat mexcian cheese, salsa, fat free refried black bean, guacamole (it’s the good fat!), onions, leftover asparagus and kalamata olives. It was actually delicious, and definitely satisfying. In fact, I could go for some right now!

Do you ever go full on vegetarian even though you are an ominivore?