Lemons, an ingredient not found in Luscious Lemon Hummus

is apparently citric acid? Okay, let me back up. Hummus is one of my favorite foods. It’s safe to say that I eat it five days a week. I do prefer lemon hummus because I think the “zing” of a lemon goes really well with the nutty taste of chick peas.

So, I’d been regularly enjoying different brands, but, generally I preferred the consistency of Sabra’s Luscious Lemon Hummus. It’s very smooth and creamy. Though it has almost a 1/3 more calories than some other hummus brands, and more sodium, I was willing to go there on account of the texture.

I recently attempted to make my own hummus and looked at the Sabra label for some ingredient guidance. I was kind of shocked that the hummus did not in fact contain any lemon! It does contain citric acid though, a common food additive which is derived primarily from citrus fruits.  It also contains “natural flavors” which are not defined on the ingredients label. I thought perhaps this was the case with most hummus lemon flavors and checked out two of my other favorites, Cedar’s and Tribe. Both of the other brands had at least one lemon ingredient, in fact, Cedar’s actually had three lemon ingredients.

I then conducted a taste test, and perhaps because of my new knowledge of the lack of lemon in Sabra’s hummus, or because actual lemon tastes better than implied lemon, Cedar’s tasted the best to me, with Tribe running a close second.

I did contact Sabra’s because I truly wondered how they could go about calling their product “Luscious Lemon Hummus” if there was actually no lemon in the product. Their response to me was that:

we have taken the juiciness of the lemons.

Um, okay. I would think that they actually had taken the tartness of lemons via the citric acid, but, who am I to judge?

If you are not a hummus lover like myself, this probably poses no problems for you. I do get aggravated though when I choose a food for a specific ingredient and the ingredient is prominently featured on the label, but, it turns out it it is not actually in it.

I believe this amounts to a type of false advertising, though this product is not making any health claims, so in that respect it is not dangerous, but I definitely feel duped.

Plus, the product is comparable in price to other products that actually have the ingredient, and that seems unfair as well. Depending on where you purchase them, the Tribe hummus usually runs the lowest cost. The good news though, if you are allergic to lemons, you can probably eat the Sabra Luscious Lemon with no ill effects.