A different way to satisfy a sweet/salty craving

A different way to satisfy a sweet/salty craving

I’m not talking about the those yummy chocolate morsels that you throw into cookies or brownies, but, rather a chocolate tortilla chip made by a company called FoodShouldTasteGood.

I never thought this was a combination that would work, but, I have to say I have been a believer for awhile now.

They are a perfect balance of savory and sweet, and can go in either direction depending on your cravings. I usually have them with hummus, but, they are also good with salsa, guacamole and probably lots of other savory dips. Not to mention, you can use them as a cracker with peanut butter or other spread.

As far as diet friendly, I think these can definitely be part of a healthy snack.

Nutrition Information

1 serving (1 ounce) = 10 chips

140 calories

7 g fat (1 g of which is saturated)

No cholesterol

80 mg sodium

17 g carbohydrates

3 g fiber

4 g sugar

2 g protein

I can’t really compare then to any other product out there, but, in terms of “natural” tortilla chips, such as Tostito’s Natural brand, they are comparable in terms of calories, and fat, but, these have more fiber and less sodium, and that’s always a good thing when it comes to snacking.

They have lots of other unique flavors as well. I can vouch for the Buffalo, Jalapeno, Olive and Multigrain. They are also kid friendly, in fact my 2 year old is eating the Jalapeno flavor right now, which I find kind of shocking, but I guess she has her parents’ tolerance for spicy food.

If you are watching your weight, I would offer this diet tip:

  • Measure out the portion you would like to have, choose your dip or have them plain  and put the bag away. Then sit down and enjoy them.
  • Because they are so good, if you leave the bag around, they will be calling your name. And who wants to use white knuckle willpower when trying to enjoy a snack?

Their site also offers a coupon, which I wish I had known about before buying two bags this weekend!

If you have tried them or plan on trying them, let me know what you think.