I was hoping to NOT have to post about the Pistachio Product Recalls, but, unfortunately, it looks like this recall is a keeper. The above link will take you to the FDA’s official site on the new pistachio recall (which has nothing to do with the peanut recalls).

The recall is linked to a company called Setton Pistachio of Terra Bella Inc, CA. The recall will include several thousands of pounds of pistachios, including products containing pistachios that were distributed by Setton. FDA is advising that we avoid eating any pistachio products until they have got this all sorted out.

Though this is a voluntary recall by Setton, it was Kraft foods that had initially notified the FDA that Salmonella was found in their Back to Nature products. To their credit, they were able to trace the origin of the nuts back to Setton.

Kraft has issued its own list of recalled products which includes several of their Planters and Back to Nature products. Unfortunately, the list of recalls will continue to grow, in fact as I am writing this another company has issued a recall of their pistachio products, under the brand Fisher nuts.

I have to admit I am very concerned about the safety of our food supply. Though I have always known that raw nuts were a potential source of contamination, I definitely would not have predicted the recent peanut recall, or this one. How do you feel about food safety in our country? Any ideas on what food product will be next on the chopping block?