I have to confess, I have never gotten into the whole juicing craze. Though, I have been known to pulverize raspberries to make a raspberry lemonade, or squeeze various citrus fruits to make fresh squeezed juice, that’s as far as my juicing experience goes. I did have wheatgrass juice on occasion as a child, and let’s just say that those were experiences I would rather forget.

I was recently asked to post about juicing, but, since I am no expert, I will offer some quick tips and then list what I consider to be some good sources on juicing.


  • If you are watching your weight, consider that juicing vegetables will always have less calories and sugar than juicing fruits.
  • When juicing, generally the fiber is removed. Try to reuse that pulp, so you can benefit from that fiber.
  • Use fruit and vegetable skins when juicing, this ensures that you will consume a lot of the beneficial polyphenols, which have many antioxidant properties. (again this might get processed into the pulp, so its best to reuse it)

Here are the links, let me know if you have any of your own to add:

  1. Ask Monica: How much nutrition is lost through juicing? Monica is an opera singer/nutritionist and her Nutrition Data blog is a great source of nutrition information, as is her podcast Nutrition Diva http://blog.nutritiondata.com/ndblog/2007/08/ask-monica-ho-2.html
  2. Guide to Juicing: Though this is a cancer website, the information is applicable to anyone who is looking to improve their health by juicing http://www.cancercompass.com/cancer-news/1,117,00.htm
  3. Cooking Hints: Ask the Dietitian: Joanne Larsen has a couple of tips on Juicing mixed in with the other cooking hints, also a great site for general nutrition information http://www.dietitian.com/cookhint.html
  4. What are the pros and cons of juicing to get rid of my cancer? Again, this is an article aimed at cancer patients, but, there is a lot of good information and applicable to anyone thinking about using a juicer: http://www.cancerrd.com/FAQs/FAQ68.htm
  5. Juicer reviews, best juicer, juice extractor reviews: http://www.consumersearch.com/juicers