The FDA has confirmed thata Salmonella has been found in the Setton Farms Pistachio processing plant, as this article on details this morning.

Yesterday, the recall was expanded to include all raw and roasted pistachios processed during 2008 from its plant.

The FDA continues to recommend avoiding any pistachios, or foods made with pistachios until their origin has been confirmed as not having come from Setton.

Once again, the FDA link to the pistachio recalls is located here.

There is also a helpful consumer site launched by the CAL-PURE co-op of California pistachio growers and the Western Pistachio Association which list the brands reported as NOT containing any pistachio products from Setton Pistachio of Terra Bella, Inc. Their site is:

Some have inquired about pudding products. Kraft’s Jell-o pudding is not part of the recall according to Kraft’s website. The Jel Sert product, Royal pudding, does not indicate anything on their site, and have not responded to attempts to get in touch by email or phone, so its best to avoid those until the origin of the pistachios in the product has been revealed.

Addendum: At 10:30am Eastern Time, I did speak with a representative from the Jel Sert company (makers of Royal pudding) who assured me that their pudding products are not part of the pistachio recall.

Update: On June 23 2009 FDA is warning people not to eat California Prime Produce- or Orange County Orchards-brand pistachio because these products had been previously recalled and then repackaged and sold at airports and hotels across the country. Here’s the link to the story.