It’s been only a little over two months since the last major beef recall, and while the pathogens have changed, the game is the same. Several people fell ill, causing an investigation:

While reports of illnesses have come from nine states, the majority of those affected were in Colorado – with ground beef pin-pointed as the most likely cause for the 21 people sickened in the state, said the CDPHE.

The meat has been traced to a company called Beef Packers, Inc of California. Perhaps a starling difference with this recall is that this strain of Salmonella, Salmonella Newport, is actually antibiotic resistant.

Here is a link to a detailed article on

Massive beef recall linked to antibiotic-resistant salmonella outbreak.

Details on the affected lots of meat can be found at this link to the USDA’s site.

For more information on the antibiotic resistant Salmonella, check out this link

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