Stephen Colbert featured both the lady who represents “Big Salt” in our country and a representative from the Center for Science in the Public Interest on the Colbert Report this evening, basically they were debating whether or not salt is actually killing people.

I have to say this one goes to “Big Salt,” mostly because Mr. Jacobson looked like a deer in headlights and an unabashed mouthpiece for the AMA & of course his own organization.

Don’t get me wrong, I am a big fan of the CSPI newsletter, but, I don’t approve of some of their over the top reporting on food issues, and, I have personally contacted them about blatant errors in some of their stories, and they took no measures to correct themselves. Not that cool in my opinion.

Is salt really killing people? It definitely makes me edematous, but, it’s certainly not as insidious as it’s been made out to be lately. I’m watching the tide turn against salt just as I’ve watched it turn against fat and more recently carbohydrates.

It just seems a little odd that a micronutrient is going to take the fall for the people who are puting too much of it in their foods, whether its the manufacturers or those with a heavy hand on the the salt shaker or those who simply consume too many processed foods.

It is a big problem that food manufacturers pile salt into food like it’s going out of style (and it appears that now it actually IS going out of style), and some of our favorite restaurants do the same thing. See my previous posts on salt: An Assault on Salt

It’s up to us as consumers to educate ourselves on how much is too much.
If a serving has more than 300 mg of sodium, take pause, if it has more than 600 mg per serving, think twice, more than 800 mg per serving just say NO.