Broccoli may help in the fight against cancer

A recent article in Clinical Cancer Research offers further support towards the belief that components found in broccoli known as sulforaphanes may help fight cancer.

Essentially this study shows that when sulforaphanes were applied to breast cancer stem cells, their growth was inhibited and/or prevented. Unfortunately because this was an in vitro study, it’s not clear how much broccoli one would need to eat in order to reap this type of benefit, but, the results are encouraging.

If you’d like to know more about sulforaphanes , I have gone into depth on them in, Another Reason to Eat Broccoli, but, basically:

  • Sulforaphanes are present in cruciferous vegetables such as broccoli, brussel sprouts and cabbage.
  • Maximum sulforaphane benefits seem to be derived from the vegetables in their less cooked states

I have noticed that there are broccoli sprout supplements boasting high levels of sulforaphanes, such as one by Source Naturals, but, as is the case with most supplements, by taking those, you would miss out on all of the other nutrients that broccoli has to offer, such as vitamin C. Plus, broccoli is a very versatile vegetable and tastes great. Adding broccoli to your diet on a regular basis will no doubt benefit your body in more ways than one.

What’s your favorite way to eat broccoli?