Interesting article by David Katz, M.D. from the Huffington Post: Healthy Living Takes Skill!.

He says that though willpower is certainly required to live healthfully, the average person requires several skills  for navigating through today’s fast food/high volume/huge portion/quench your thirst/satisfy your each and every craving (even those you didn’t know you had) kind of world.

Willpower is far more often on the marquee, but skill power matters at least as much. Will is good, but skill may be required to find, fashion, pave, and/or follow the way to health. In the absence of skill power, it may simply not be possible to get there from here.

In the modern world, living healthy is also a steep uphill climb. Skills are required.

He mentions several authorities on the subject, such as Barbara Rolls, who is well known for her Volumetrics eating plan. Volumetrics is based on catering to one’s satiety signals by filling up on high nutritional value/low calorie dense foods (i.e. fluids & fiber). Which, incidentally, is an ideal way to promote weight loss.

Like anything in life, one needs tools to make good choices on a regular basis. It takes practice to live healthfully, every day we are faced with a myriad of food options, most of which are not going to further our health or improve our waistline. It is the person who can make an educated decision and knows when to say no (and of course when to indulge) that really has the advantage, and will ultimately reap the benefits of a healthy lifestyle.

I recommend working with a professional trained in the field of nutrition as a way to start acquiring those skills.