Fiber rich lentils

Inspired by a recent client discussion about the virtues of the How to cook perfect Dal, decided to give my own version a whirl

Not a lot of ingredients on hand, though, I was able to scrape together a pretty delicious red lentil soup thanks to the slow cooker:


Half a bag of dried red lentils

3-4 cups of low salt broth (chicken or vegetable)

a red onion

some fresh herbs (cilantro, chives, savory)

a couple of precooked portabello mushrooms

a tomato

an overripe avocado

red wine vinegar

sesame oil

Salt and pepper to taste

Basically threw the red lentils in the slow cooker (on high) with 2 cups of broth and some fresh herbs. Once those lentils came to the appropriate tenderness, I added the tomatoes (chopped), mushrooms (chopped) avocado and some more of the broth. Also added some dried spices, but was out of curry!!! Managed to get by with garam masala and 5-spice powder and of course a little bit of salt. Let that cook down awhile, and added a little bit of red wine vinegar and a drop of sesame oil to finish it off.

Kinda wished I had a lime and or light coconut milk, but, without too much fuss, this dish is healthy, delicious and cheap. Served it with Ezekiel bread toast points, but, would go great with any whole wheat chips or pita bread and of course rice.