With Hurricane Sandy threatening much of the east coast, one must turn to comfort foods,  (and of course stockpile them) with regard to the impending “houseboundedness.” Chocolate is widely regarded as comfort food, and, as such, I thought since today is National Chocolate Day, I would share some of my favorite non-traditional chocolatel indulgences:

Food Should Taste Good’s Chocolate Tortilla Chips

Cocoa and chocolate powder give these chips a wonderful overall savory chocolate experience  that satisfies a chocolate craving, in a more subtle way. They also have 3 grams of fiber per serving, which is pretty awesome for a chocolate treat.

Mole Poblano

I first tasted this Mexican dish at Maz Mezcal on the Upper East Side. Their version consists of chicken, chiles and dark chocolate. The essence of chocolate comes through in this sauce, much more than its sweetness. You can find a recipe for Turkey in Mole Poblano here.

Zhena’s Goji Cacao Berry Green Tea

The name pretty much says it all. This tea captures all of the essence of the cacao bean, especially aromatically. Without sweetener, you are looking at a zero calorie chocolate treat. With sweetener, still pretty impressive. Not to mention the serious antioxidants in the ingredients.

Sweet Riot Cacao Nibs

A low calorie option for satisfying the sweet AND chocolate craving, 140 calories per serving, and if you go with the 70% cacao tins, you will get a whopping 4 grams fiber per serving. This company actually carries lots of good chocolate products, you can check them out here.

And my final non traditional chocolate fix is not actually a food at all, but, the aroma is heavenly and most people will feel obligated to ask what you are wearing and perhaps even have to go grab a doughnut after you waft into the room. It is a perfume called “Amor de Cacao” and it’s scent is incredible. I’ve known men and women who have both worn it, and the effect is intoxicating.