Dr. McDougall's yummy Big Cup Soup

Dr. McDougall’s yummy Big Cup Soup

Recently, I had a conversation about ramen noodles with a person interested in embarking on a healthier lifestyle. I did my requisite shock and awe at the possibility that people actually eat these things and of course delivered my public health message about the King Kong sized amount of sodium in them. BUT, I was also reminded how much I LOVED these damned noodles back in college. Needless to say at that point in my life I was no nutrition expert (my obsession with spray cheese and Triscuits is clearly fodder for another blog.)

I do love soup though and started to keep my eye out for what might be a better option than the traditional dried ramen noodle/cup of noodles products. I saw these Dr. McDougall’s soups at Whole Foods, they have several types (even Ramen!). A whole cup is 2 servings. Each serving is 100 calories, 290 mg sodium. The other statistics are okay, I mean it’s just a dried noodle soup, what can you expect?  I tell you, these hot, chewy noodles brought back my youth!

Of course, I can’t be satisfied unless I go all Sandra Lee a la “Semi-Homemade” on my processed foods, so I decided to add in a recently cooked spaghetti squash to the cup of noodles. I had to use a bowl, a big bowl. The spaghetti squash strands are roughly the same size as the noodles in the cup of soup you see above and voila:

Cup of soup + spaghetti squash = YUM

Cup of soup + spaghetti squash = YUM

Adding a cup of spaghetti squash adds about 42 calories, some fiber, extra vitamins and minerals, especially decent amounts of vitamin c and potassium. At 92% water, the added vegetable helps to keep you full as well.