Come on, really? A recent article in the Huffington post, Menu Nutritional Information Ignored By More Than Half Of Americans, says that half the country is ignoring this information on menus!

If I see nutrition information on a menu, there’s no way I can ignore it. I immediately start a convoluted equation in my head of how unusual/coveted the menu item is and then I divide that by the amount of exercise/deprivation it would take to justify it and then it all boils down to the sodium. Ultimately, for me,  it is really the sodium that is going to cause me to get bloated, which is a slippery slope to feeling uncomfortable in my clothes and then impairing my cardio. It always takes a few days to get rid of that bloat.

If I am being totally honest, i sometimes compare the amount of calories to the price, because that does play into it in these tough financial times. If I make chicken at home all the time, I don’t see this as worth spending a lot of money or calories on, but, fish I might be inclined to pay more for and pay more attention to the nutritional profile

The nice thing about menu labeling is that you can make informed decisions about your meal. If it is in excess of 1,000 calories and you didn’t just run a marathon, you should probably bring half home for another meal.

Ideally, make most of your food at home an you don’t have to worry about any of this. But, if you can’t and the restaurants has gone to the trouble to give you an FYI, please pay attention 🙂