Rolaids and Guy FieriIn a masterful turn of creativity, pharmaceutical company Sanofi relaunches popular heartburn reliever Rolaids with the help of popular (and likely) heartburn inducer, celebrity chef Guy Fieri.

I’m not quite a fan of Mr. Fieri’s, but, I have been a fan of Rolaids for a long time and this partnership makes me very uneasy. Are we to understand that Guy’s acknowledging that his vittles can cause heartburn (Mac-Daddi-Roni Salad anyone?) or that the diners, drive-ins and dives he hangs out in are admittedly serving up some crappy food?

If that was this case, my vote would have been for Adam Richman of “Man v Food.(Un) Fortunately Mr. Richman has had a recent weight loss and is starting up a whole new series. I also would endorse Andrew Zimmern of Bizarre Foods, but, Pepto Bismol already snatched him up. Thanks to the The Braiser  for bringing this advertising jewel to my attention.