Inspired by adorable tomatoes, yesterday’s snowfall, and vegetable-hesitant kids.


Edible Snowman
“Tom” the Edible Snowman


3 Pearl Tomatoes

1 broccoli floret

1 cauliflower floret

1 slice of an orange pepper

3 small pieces of Babybel light cheese



Turn the first tomato upside down to create a steady base. Add the middle “ball” via toothpick, and same with the “head.” Add the broccoli as hair with another toothpick (you can cut them in half if it seems too big) Add the eyes, nose and arms via the same toothpick method. I used a straw to poke out “buttons” from the cheese. These are also placed via toothpick.

Attempt to keep snowman standing up for as long as possible and then eat.

Look out Joost Elffers