Celebrity Chef

Rolaids and Guy FieriIn a masterful turn of creativity, pharmaceutical company Sanofi relaunches popular heartburn reliever Rolaids with the help of popular (and likely) heartburn inducer, celebrity chef Guy Fieri.

I’m not quite a fan of Mr. Fieri’s, but, I have been a fan of Rolaids for a long time and this partnership makes me very uneasy. Are we to understand that Guy’s acknowledging that his vittles can cause heartburn (Mac-Daddi-Roni Salad anyone?) or that the diners, drive-ins and dives he hangs out in are admittedly serving up some crappy food?

If that was this case, my vote would have been for Adam Richman of “Man v Food.(Un) Fortunately Mr. Richman has had a recent weight loss and is starting up a whole new series. I also would endorse Andrew Zimmern of Bizarre Foods, but, Pepto Bismol already snatched him up. Thanks to the The Braiser  for bringing this advertising jewel to my attention.


Uy veh! I used to be a big fan of Rocco DiSpirito. Back in the day, I watched him boss people around and hit on girls on “The Restaurant.” I read his books and tried his recipes. Also, I though he was pretty cute.

Unfortunately, I just caught a couple of these commercials for Kraft Recipe Makers, and I have to say, I am creeped out: 

Besides the creepy factor, these don’t seem like products a celebrity chef would necessarily promote, especially given Rocco’s recent public declarations about his “new” healthy lifestyle. The “Italian” Recipe Makers definitely seem to be lower in sodium, but, the others are way up there and predominantly made of chemicals and whatnot. You can check out the product nutrition information here