As someone who frequents the self-checkout line at the grocery store, I find this article in the Washington Post pretty exciting. It seems that now you don’t have to wait until you “register” for your wedding or baby shower to use those cool hand held scanners when you go shopping.

Save time and scan as you go!

Save time and scan as you go!

All you need to do is take a trip to either a Giant or Stop and Shop,  and a hi tech shopping experience awaits you in the form of the new hand held scanners by ModivMedia. Apparently it shaves off about 12 minutes from your shopping trip, and according to their website, it works like this:

As shoppers enter the supermarket, they scan their loyalty card and pick up a Scan It!-branded Motorola MC17 mobile computer. The mobile computer display presents exclusive special offers and promotions to customers, based on their purchase history and current shopping behavior. The system tracks the shopper’s progress through the aisles and presents money-saving coupons and promotions as the shopper nears those products. Customers select their items, scan them, and bag them in the cart. Purchases are automatically totaled, and the customer can pay for them quickly at a self-checkout station.

I have to say this sounds great to me, anything to speed up the process is worth a try. I also know my kids would have a great time scanning away our entire cart, if not the entire store (though I am sure this is not what store owners have in mind).

Though I have seen their other product, the “Delivision” in my local store, I have yet to see it actually working. Unfortunately the ScanIt hasn’t made it to yet, but, hopefully it is coming soon.

Have you tried any of these hand held self scanning machines yet? If so, do you think they have made your shopping experience more convenient?