As a self-confessed reality TV fan/junkie, I felt compelled to watch the new dating show, “More to Love,” especially as the advertising makes such a blatant point of the show featuring overweight women vying for the affections of “regular” guy, Luke Conley.

Not sure how “regular” a successful 26-year old real estate investor is who makes over 6 figures a year and clocks in at 6’3″, 330 lbs. He’s larger than life, literally and figuratively.

Luke has 20 lovely ladies to choose from, all of whom are considered overweight. Though I think it is interesting that of all the people on the show, Luke is actually the most overweight with a Body Mass Index of 41 (which is actually considered obese). According to Luke, “Life’s too short to worry about counting calories,” this may be especially true for Luke, since at the rate he is going, he is at risk for several obesity-related diseases that may indeed shorten his life span. But, he certainly seems like a nice person, at least at the beginning of the show.

The show is hosted by Emme, plus size super model and the only person on the show whose height and weight is not prominently displayed for all of the world to see.

As the 20 of them come out of the limos, we are privy to their height and weight statistics. I truly don’t see the point of this for TV, and as a clinical professional, I did what I am supposed to do with this kind of data, calculated BMI:

  1. Malissa, 26 years old, 5’4″, 170lbs, BMI: 29 (overweight)
  2. Christina, 23, 5’6″, 206, BMI: 33 (obese)
  3. Heather, 22, 5’5″, 200,  BMI: 33 (obese)
  4. Bonnie, 25, 5’11”, 215, BMI 29 (overweight)
  5. Amanda, 22, 5’10”, 235, BMI: 33 (obese)
  6. Michelle, 32, 5’5″, 230, BMI: 38 (obese)
  7. Anna, 27, 6’2, 230, BMI: 31 (obese)
  8. Natasha, 25, 5’9″, 197, BMI: 29 (overweight)
  9. Lauren, 26, 5’9″, 210, BMI: 31 (obese)
  10. Vanessa, 32, 5’8″, 194, BMI: 31 (obese)
  11. Melissa, 21, 5’6″, 220, BMI: 35 (obese)
  12. Danielle, 25, 5’9″, 195, BMI 28 (overweight)
  13. Mandy, 25, 5’7″, 180, BMI: 27 (overweight)
  14. Tali, 26, 5’4″, 190, BMI: 32 (obese)
  15. Kristian, 26, 5’5″, 225, BMI: 37 (obese)
  16. Arianne, 37, 5’10”, 190, BMI: 26 (overweight)
  17. Sandy, 30, 5’8″, 200, BMI: 30 (obese)
  18. Shari, 34, 5’4″, 180lbs, BMI: 30 (obese)
  19. Magali, 24, 5’7″, 193lbs, BMI: 30 (obese)
  20. Natalia, 28, 5’10”, 279, BMI: 40 (obese0

Since this is not a weight loss show, I don’t expect they will post these figures every week a la “The Biggest Loser” and, despite my desire to vilify Fox and the producers of the show, I have to remember that these women signed up for this, and hopefully were well aware of the direction it would take.

On the plus side (no pun intended), Luke gives everyone diamond rings. But, at the end of the show, five girls are kicked off and have to give them back.

I was dismayed that Luke did kiss a few of the girls during the cocktail hour, especially when he kissed Anna in front of another girl, Lauren! Um, can you say cad? Later, on the show he kisses another woman, Malissa! WHAT? Does this really happen on first dates? Even if they are at reality TV cocktail “get to know you” parties on Fox?

There were some good quotes from the show, one of the standouts was a modern twist on an old favorite:

The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, and his pants…But, you go for the stomach first, because that’s what classy women do.

I see no real differences between this show and “The Bachelor,” though it did seem that during the cocktail hour there was a lot of talk about food.

What do you think about this show? Do you think it is more demeaning that the average reality TV dating show?

Sodium at bargain prices

Sodium & some joe at bargain prices

I was very intrigued to hear about Starbucks (re-?) introducing breakfast offerings this past Tuesday. The real excitement seems to be that the breakfasts, which include a 12 ounce coffee, are “reasonably priced” at $3.95.

An article in the New York Times did a nice job of covering the developments. Though I have not tried the breakfasts yet, I was curious to see how these breakfast “pairings” measured up to my usual Huevos Portobellos.

Getting to the actual data is a little difficult, you have to enter your zip code, but, once you get there it’s worth poking around.

In light of the current economy (and pretty much all the time), I am a big fan of free food. Just saw this ad for a free Kashi Frozen Entree coupon and thought I would share, you can request it at their site. I have tried their cereals, and think they are very good. I’ve never actually tried the frozen entrees, so I can’t vouch for their taste, but, I quickly perused the frozen entree offerings, and they look pretty good. Lots of fiber per serving, as is usual with frozen food though, a good bit of sodium. If anyone has ever tried them, let me what you think.