Had a very good summer as far as tomatoes go, and find myself making this dish which I’d heard about but never actually made until I found a great recipe in a book by Sally Butcher called New Middle Eastern Street Food: Snacks, Comfort Food and Mezze.

It’s basically a tomato and vegetable stew which serves as a poaching medium for eggs. Might be one of the easiest, tastiest healthiest recipes for breakfast or any meal of the day that I have come across in a LONG time.

While I don’t follow the exact recipe anymore, it’s too much fun to just throw in whatever is  handy..this is roughly what I do:


  • Olive oil 0r cooking spray – to coat the pan
  • Onion – 1/2 – whole medium
  • Garlic – at least one clove
  • Tomatoes – 6-8 medium sized (I put half in food processor and half I like to keep diced)
  • Diced Vegetables – (I’ve found any of these are great: peppers, carrots, zucchini, mushroom)
  • Eggs – 4 (probably can do more depending on size of your pan)
  • Spices – Cumin, paprika, berbere, salt and pepper to taste


  1. Heat up the oil in a cast iron skillet, medium high (so the onions sizzle when you throw them in)
  2. Add onions & garlic, sauteing until they become fragrant. If you are using peppers you can add them in now as well
  3. Add the tomatoes, stirring it all together. Expect people to start filing into the kitchen to see what’s cooking.
  4. Add spices, and any other veggies you want. If you are using something soft, like mushrooms, I’d wait until right before you add the eggs.
  5. Allow the mixture to cook down, around 5-8 minutes
  6. The fun part! Make little “holes” in the mixture where the eggs will go, and then crack the eggs letting them land in the “holes” in the stew
  7. Lower the heat a bit and cover the mixture until the eggs set to the desired texture. I’d recommend erring on the side of less well done, as they continue to cook even after you remove them from the heat.

I find this dish so filling I don’t usually need bread, but you definitely could sop up the stew with some. It’s a great dish for a few people or you can make a batch and save it for later, it holds up very well. Tons of lycopene and a good bit of protein, you can’t go wrong.


Less than 200 calories and delicious

Less than 200 calories and delicious

Okay, there is really nothing Mexican about this particular dish, but, it does have an egg, thus, “Huevos” does apply. Basically, this is one of my favorite breakfasts when I have the time to make it (takes about 20 minutes altogether). It’s extremely satisfying, and weighing in at less than 200 calories, its a good option if you are watching your weight or if you are just looking for a light meal.

Besides being well balanced in carbs, protein and fat, it’s also a good source of potassium (from the mushrooms), choline (from the eggs) and lutein (from the eggs and carrots). I throw some sriracha on top because I like the spicy kick, and as I’ve mentioned before capsaicin might promote fat loss (see “Cabbage Rules”).

Here’s how you can try it:


1/2 cup sliced onion

6 oz package portobello mushrooms (sliced)

1 carrot (thinly sliced on the diagonal)

1 egg

Non stick cooking spray

Hot sauce (optional)


  1. Spray a medium-sized pan with non-stick cooking spray, heat on med high and saute the onions and carrots for a few minutes, until the onions are softened.
  2. Add the mushrooms, toss everything a few times to make sure all the vegetables are coated. Lower the heat to medium, and cover the pan to help the mushrooms cook faster (optional). I might add a tablespoon of a sesame ginger dressing (or lite soy sauce) at this point if I have one on hand to add a little liquid.
  3. Once it cooks do (mushrooms are about half of their original size), transfer the vegetables to a bowl.
  4. Use a new pan to make the egg, or if you have a sink full of dirty dishes, you can use the same one. You’ll probably need to apply some fresh cooking spray. Prepare the egg however you like, I like mine over easy (and a little runny).
  5. Place the egg on top of the veggies, add your hot sauce of choice, and dig in!