I’m not surprised that a segment about how to lose fat quickly and effortlessly would be featured on Rachel Ray, given the fact she offers up recipes that will also quickly and effortlessly add significant fat to your body.

This article on the New York Times illuminates all the purported medical ways to lose inches quickly and they don’t seem to be liposuction. I did get a kick out of the pictures of the vibrating belt machines because I remember as a child in the 70s my neighbor had one and it looked like the most fun torture device ever. Needless to say it never helped her lose any weight, but, it was super-exciting to go visit.

I guess my point to all this is that if you want to lose fat, the real guaranteed way to do it would be to lift heavy weights. Probably a lot cheaper than any of these devices and results would be obvious quickly. Maybe not in 8 minutes, but surely within a few weeks.

Here are a couple of sites to check out to get you started:

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Amy Rubin Yunger, trainer & powerlifter says, “Squat deep to burn fat!”