I made the fatal mistake of food shopping while hungry yesterday. I know toast is like “a thing” these days, but I did not know that cookie butter cream cheese was! Leave it to Trader Joe’s to come up with such a bad ass spread.

You might be asking yourselves, is that even healthy? I’m not gonna lie, there’s nothing particularly healthy about it. The same can be said for most cream cheeses. It’s basically a fat. There’s nothing wrong with some fat in your diet, especially if you exercise and are consistently a healthy eater.

I put it on some Ezekiel bread and paired it with some berries, and I feel like I just had a pretty decadent breakfast. All told, it amounts to ~300 calories.

My only caution is, similar to anything speculoos cookie butter related, you may be tempted to have more than a serving. Stay strong!


Was kind of surprised to see that this particular company will be one of the first to fall victim to the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) recently passed. There’s a good article available at Food Safety News. That’s not to say it’s not deserved, but, still the cost to the economy in Portales, NM is definitely a consideration.

If you want to see the full write up of findings at the plant, among other juicy tidbits, check out the link to the letter from Margaret Hamburg to Sunland here.

It was only 3 years ago I was posting about another peanut butter recall, which involved the Peanut Corporation of America. This time, the company is Sunland and is located in Portales, New Mexico.

The initial culprit was “Trader Joe’s Creamy Valencia Peanut Butter,” and now unfortunately, the recall had been expanded to include several products made by Sunland that are sold under different brand names across the country.

A comprehensive list of recalled peanut butters can be found on this FDA website. As is common with these types of recalls, they expand exponentially as it becomes clear that the plant also provides peanut butter products to other companies in the forms of cookies, etc. The new recalled brands are Gretchen’s Shoebox, Whole Foods Market and Fresh & Easy.

In this particular recall, people have fell ill with Salmonella, and to me that means I should pay attention. I don’t usually get wrapped up in the recalls, but, peanut butter is a staple in my house, and with young children you do have to be vigilant about this type of stuff.

Nutella is looking like a pretty good option right around now…

A good alternative to rice crackers

Looking for an alternative to the binding, albeit low calorie rice crackers?

Look no further, at 120 calories for 38 chips…these savory edameme cracker from Trader Joe’s are a good solution.

They taste pretty good too, and pair nicely with some yummy hummus or crumbled onto some savory soup.